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Council looks to replace truck


truckMINERAL SPRINGS – Financial details took up the majority of a very brief regular monthly meeting of the Mineral Springs city council Monday evening.

The group dispensed with much of the more time consuming elements of their regular meeting, citing the dramatic events of the storm and tornado that day in Nashville, which had effects on their city as well. They heard only brief reports from two city department heads, with streets and water manager Jonathan Holden reporting that though a city vehicle was involved in a sinkhole collapse in connection with the storm, it was not badly damaged and no city employees were injured. The city’s fire chief, Chris Hostettler, reported that the department had been active throughout the day, and additionally reported that he had received one bid for the purchase of a truck to replace multiple vehicles for the department, but wanted to gather more information before presenting it to the council.
Thereafter, the council authorized Mayor Bobby Tullis and Holden to immediately purchase a replacement truck for the street department, borrowing the money if necessary and repaying it over time from the street fund.
They also were presented two moves requested by a state auditor: converting the city’s sanitation savings account to a checking account to facilitate creation of documentation when monies are moved from that account to other accounts, and the repeal of a previous and outdated ordinance that established the salaries of elected officials and putting in a new ordinance that reflected the current pay levels.
Final details that the group heard Monday evening included an increase to the pay of the sole city employee not making $10 per hour to that rate, hearing the financial report of the park commission, and authorizing city recorder/treasurer April Nail to attend a seminar on payroll law in Texarkana on July 22.

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