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Street overlay project expanded at Dierks


road workDIERKS – An update on the progress made with the street overlay project was given during Monday evening’s regular meeting of the city council.

Mayor Terry Mounts explained to the council that the state had authorized workers to extend work on the roads past the point that the project was originally supposed to end. Repaving was supposed to come to a stop on Missouri Street, but is now able to carry on to Fourth Street near the football field and on Old Hwy 70 West, work extended past the bridge.
The cost of the project, approximately $230,000, was completely covered by the state.
Mounts also said that during the pre-construction meeting, he had been encouraged to reapply for the project and planned to in order to complete more street work.
Earlier in the meeting, Mounts brought up a concern that had been reported to him by a citizen about traffic traveling at excessive rates of speed on Allen Street. He advised the present police officer to patrol the area in order to get the problem under control.
Other items discussed included:
• Standing water in a ditch near where Third Street and Arkansas Street cross.
• A report from the fire department that there had only been one major fire during the month and that they had been forced to spend upwards of $2,000 on nozzle replacements and other parts.
• The water and sewer audit, which accountants will begin to work on May 21 and should be completed in less than a month.
• Findings from the general fund audit, which Mounts described as an overall “good audit.” Three resolutions pertaining to the council and other city employees were passed in order to comply with corrective measures.
• A concern about the bridge near E-Z Mart being heavy enough to support the weight of heavy trucks.

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