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Dear Editor:
On behalf of the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce I want to thank everyone that helped with the Community Easter Egg Hunt at the Rattler Stadium on Saturday, April 4th.  This was a joint effort of the Chamber, Murfreesboro PTO, and the Murfreesboro Junior Auxiliary. Thank you so much to Mr. Featherston for the use of the stadium, it was perfect!   This was our first year and it was fabulous!!  We plan to make this an annual event.  The (volunteer)  Easter Bunny was there and the kids enjoyed seeing him and having pictures made.  There were tons of eggs, lots of prizes, and lots of happy kids to hunt!  This would not have been possible without all the volunteers.   Thank you so much for your time and effort.  Every event needs lots of volunteers – the community needs you, don’t wait to be asked!

Jane Fugitt
Chamber Secretary

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