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Caddo Hills students chosen for All Star band


WilderCaddo Hills students, Natalie Wilder and Aerik Jacobs made All-Star Honor Band after auditioning at Searcy and played at Atkins on April 3rd and 4th in the honorary concert.

Participants from tenth grade to seniors in A to AAA schools are chosen based on their audition scores.

Natalie had the highest score of all Bass Clarinets and won first chair.  

It was great.  I wish I had gotten to do it before I was a senior.  The director was fun and the people were awesome,” Wilder said.  She advised future musicians, “don’t be so nervous; they listen to the quality of your sound not so much that you can play every single note.”


Aerik scored the 4th highest for Tenor Saxophone and was 4th chair.  


These students rehearsed with the honor band for 7-8 hours then performed with 120 other students from around the state.

Band director Cilla Green was excited for her students accomplishments. “I am super proud of all of my students who auditioned.  It is not easy to audition for an honor band like this. Natalie and Aerik worked really hard and their persistence paid off. These are the types of events the students can put on their resumes for college admittance and college scholarships.  It shows leadership and dedication,” Green said. “I feel honored that I can help guide my students toward their future successes.”

The clinician/conductor was Robert Sheldon.  He is a renowned composer and conductor.

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