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Bees swarm local truck


IMG_8887 IMG_8888A truck owned by a Thrash Propane employee gathered a swarm of honey bees today in Glenwood near the business on Broadway today. A local bee keeper said that the queen, which had become tried from flying while looking for a new home, had landed on the truck, and the other bees swarm over and around her to protect the queen. While the swarm was stationary, other bees were scouting around to find a new home and, after locating such, they would have eventually left en masse. He estimated that there were over 50,000 bees in the swarm — one he called atypically large — adding that there was no “rhyme or reason” as to why the swarm happened to be there as opposed to any other location. The bees, once the queen was transferred to a box that replicates a hive, almost completely relocated into the establishment for relocation. for several more pictures, please see¬†https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.927715550581876.1073741925.160179167335522&type=1

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