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Breeze into Factory Connection for the latest spring fashion


IMG_6084Spring is here, and your local Factory Connection has everything you need to be in style.

The colors coral and teal are in, as well as nautical-themed apparel, and Aztec and floral print. Fringe is making a comeback, and can be found on everything from shoes to purses.

Most of the colors this season are bright, except for navy, which is often found on the color spectrum of the nautical theme.

If you’re looking to rock the nautical look, it is suggested that you brighten it up by adding some whites and reds to your ensemble.

When pairing coral and teal, make one your focal color and accessorize with the other.

Aside from fringe, 70’s block heels are a popular style of shoes, as are gladiator heels.

Scarves and over-jackets are trends leftover from winter. For a seasonal look, choose a bright Spring scarf and pair it with a neutral t-shirt and opt for a sleeveless over-jacket with your sundress.

Factory connection offers a variety of outfits based on the latest styles that are versatile enough to be worn as an every day look or for work.

Pair Harlem pants with a crop top layered over a lace tank and sandals for a day out shopping. For work, simply tuck in the tank. IMG_6076

IMG_6079This bright coral tank, shown at the left, paired with jeans, a fashionable hat that accents the teal embroidery on the tank’s collar and a neutral bag could easily be made work-ready with the addition of an over-jacket.

White crochet pants..$19.99 Anchor print navy top..$11.99 Necklace..$7.99 Pair with a trendy sandal for an additional $15-$19.

To incorporate nautical into an adaptable uniform, try white shorts under white crochet lace pants paired with a navy shirt and red jewelry. This particular outfit, shown to the left, can be you’rs for well under $100.




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