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Astronomy column’s moon origin piece missing Biblical tale

Dear Editor, I have enjoyed reading the astronomy articles that have appeared in your paper from time to time. They have been very informative. However,...

May a prime time to view Saturn

Darrell Heath Astronomy Columnist No other planet in our solar system elicits as much awe and wonder, as does Saturn. Ask any astronomer who has ever...

Hunting the fastest planet

By Darrell Heath Astronomy Columnist Let’s go planet hunting! But not just any planet, we are going to hunt down the most elusive of the naked...

Theories of the origin of the Moon

By Joseph Kramer Astronomy Columnist I really hope readers have enjoyed exploring the relationship between our temporary home and its closest celestial neighbor that seems to...

The inextricability of gravity and orbits

By Joseph Kramer Astronomy Columnist The term ‘zero gravity’ is used quite a bit in society and pop culture, but as we discussed in the last...

How the moon shapes the tide

By Joseph Kramer Astronomy Columnist As we continue to explore the relationship between the Moon and the Earth, I want to talk about actual physical impacts...