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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago:  May 1897

Nashville is doing something no other town in the state is doing.  Large frame buildings are being torn down to make room for brick houses. One more and perhaps two more wooden buildings will also be removed to be replaced with bricks. It is quite possible that seven handsome brick buildings will be erected in Nashville before the beginning of another year.

Mrs. W. J. Old, wife of the local editor, has a counterpane made by hand in August 1827, 70 years ago, by her grandmother, Mrs. Isabella A. Hutchinson. It has been in use a greater part of the time and is as good as it was when made. There is not a worn piece about it. It is a nice piece of handiwork and shows the style of 70 years ago.

(Adv.) Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find a true remedy in Electric Bitters. This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whiskey. Old people find it just exactly what they need.


Early settlers in the Dierks area, Willie(1884-1965) and Bud(1879-1957) Stephenson

88 years ago: September 1932

The bus which operates through this city to Texarkana and Hot Springs overturned near the Saline Bridge on Highway 27 last Thursday afternoon, slightly injuring several of the passengers. The wreck was caused by the tire blowing out.

Jimmy Latimer suffered painful injuries Wednesday on Temperanceville Creek west of this city when he fell from a tree where he was gathering grapes. Both bones of the left arm were broken just above the wrist and one of his ankles was sprained. The youth was rushed to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Latimer in this city where his injuries were taken care of by a physician.

(Adv.) Baton’s Grocery, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 pounds of sugar 43 cents; 3 boxes of economy matches 5 cents each; pet milk, tall cans 5 cents, small size 2 for 5 cents. 


66 years ago: October 1954

Mud stymied the Scrapper half-time show Friday at Stamps. But with favorable weather here Friday band director Dan Crowson’s musicians will put on another performance such as brought heavy applause when the Scrappers met favored Stamps and conquered. A “Shake, Rattle and Roll” specialty had the majorettes out-front doing a dance routine with the band furnishing the musical background. Marilyn Tollett is the drum major for the band which is playing the first year under Director Crowcon.  The band also took part in the Howard County Fair parade and the Third District Livestock Show parade. 


37 years ago: June 1983

The city council could be one step closer to helping ease odor problems with the sewer lagoons off the Mineral Springs Highway. Unanimous approval was given for the purchase of the first of four recommended aerators at the facility.  

The new aerator which will be installed and tested costs over $5,000 less than the ones currently at the facility.  Council members were in agreement that the aerators with submerged pump and motor could be the most efficient.

Skunks are the primary carriers of rabies this year. The State Health Department has tested 113 skunk heads for rabies and found 82 were rabid. Researcher have found that apparently skunks and bats can carry rabies for a month or so before the disease kills them.  Symptoms do not have to be obvious for an animal to be rabid, so take care.