Judge Kevin Smith proud of county’s accomplishments during his tenure


    Nicole Tracy
    NASHVILLE – As the season for
    elections approaches, County Judge
    Kevin Smith’s current tenure as Howard
    County Judge shows there have been
    many things that he has accomplished
    and is proud of.
    Under his leadership, Howard County
    has put a lot of time and energy into
    the development and maintenance
    of the county’s Road and Sanitation
    department. With the assistance of a
    grant, the adjoining City Shop and property
    was purchased to properly house
    all of the County’s road and sanitation
    Smith also oversaw the update to
    the Road and Sanitation Department’s
    equipment, and further plans to continue
    to upgrade the Road and Sanitation
    Department’s Equipment to be more efficient.
    “Employees of the department are
    competent, reliable, dependable and an
    asset to Howard County.” Smith stated.
    The budgets for Road and Sanitation
    are “healthy”, and stated that “all Road
    and Sanitation department issues will be
    addressed as soon as possible.” Smith
    also stated that he has plans to implement
    a ditch maintenance program
    for the County’s roadways, as well as
    continuing the weed control program
    on all right of ways.
    He also plans to continue to maintain
    the County’s paved
    roads, and have the older
    paved roads in the county
    restriped to make them
    safer to drive on. Road repairs
    from the tornado and
    flooding damage earlier this
    year are almost completed.
    He has also overseen the
    completion of updating several
    of the county’s roads.
    Judge Smith has also
    overseen the repair and
    upgrades to the runway
    and lights at the Howard
    County Airport, using FAA
    and State grants, at no cost
    to the County.
    Grants have also been instrumental
    in the upkeep of
    the Howard County Courthouse
    under his tenure.
    Security upgrades, including
    cameras and upgraded
    panic buttons have been installed, at
    no cost to the County. Working with
    the Arkansas Historic Preservation
    Program, who has in the past granted
    monies to Howard County for work such
    as repair walls, interior painting, new
    downspouts, and landscaping the boiler
    with heat pump systems throughout
    the Howard County Courthouse, will
    be replaced, at no cost to the County.
    Howard County has also assisted the
    Howard County Fair Association, the
    local fire departments, and the Howard
    County Farmer’s Market in acquiring
    grants for various purposes as needed
    for the organizations.
    Under his tenure, approximately 1/3
    of the funds needed to abate the old
    Howard Memorial Hospital have been
    obtained. Progress has also been made
    on the debris removal and restoration
    of the grounds at the old hospital site.