Friday, August 01, 2014

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Local 4H participants compete at State O’Rama

Howard County was represented well. Participants included: Lauren Ince- 1st place in Fashion Revue Constructed, Katie Mazzia- 5th place in Crop and Weed I.D., Zack Williams- 3rd place in Performing Arts Instrumental, Joshua Rodgers- 4th place in B.B. Gun Marksmanship, Jessica Hipp- participated in Wildlife I.D. The Consumer Judging Team placed second in their competition. 

Local 4H participants attend leadership event in Little Rock

“These were lessons they might not have learned at school,” said Jackson Alexander, fund development intern for the 4-H Center. The teens learned by doing. “They elected a Speaker for their mock legislative body and proposed bills that were debated first in committees and then in a general assembly. Some failed, some passed,” said Jef Ferguson, coordinator of Arkansas 4-H Mentoring Program for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. They also toured the Justice Building and Clinton Presidential Library to learn more about government.

Local team wins Dixie Majors state title

The first game of the night looked to be all Nashville needed to lock down the championship with a 6-0  lead over the Razorbacks going into the fifth inning of the seven inning game. Then, after a pitching change by Nashville, the Razorbacks roared back to life. Texarkana in the next three innings tied up the game at 8-8 and took the game into extra innings. In the eighth inning Nashville could not put anything together and the Razorbacks scored four more runs to win the game 12-8.

New name, new direction for area abuse shelter

Courtney White, the group’s executive director, said that the group recently was granted 501c3 approval for a new name, and will begin operations as the Southwest Arkansas Crisis and Resource Center shortly. She said that the change of name is a better indication of the work that the group does.
“We do a lot more than just domestic violence counselling, and we don’t want people to think that we can’t help them because domestic violence is all we work with,” she said in a recent interview at the group’s Nashville office.

Child advocacy center to open in Nashville

The Children’s Advocacy Center is also associated with the Family Matters program, which allows parents who do not have custody with their children to visit them in a safe, comfortable environment in order to attain or rebuild a relationship. 
Children’s Advocacy partners with law enforcement to help prosecute child abusers. After a report of physical or sexual abuse is filed with law enforcement, the advocacy center is contacted and a forensic interview is performed at the facility to find out what happened to the victim. 

Ballot issue would address legislative ethics, term limits

Ballot Issue Number 3, which carries a “popular name” of “An amendment regulating contributions to candidates for state or local office, barring gifts from lobbyists to certain state officials, providing for setting salaries of certain state officials, and setting term limits for members of the General Assembly” is, when printed out from the Arkansas’s Secretary of State’s office, 22 pages long, and difficult for even seasoned political observers to understand fully on first reading.